Are We Pawns Of The Media?

The recent US election was a true media circus. In many ways, it exposed and highlighted so much of how our communication has changed. In many ways, it also revealed more about who we are as individuals, as it did about the two candidates.

The questions needs to be asked ... Do we watch the news or TV to be informed of the 'facts' ... or influenced by the 'commentators'?

Commentators, it seems, are increasingly the conduit where we filter the news of the day. But, for the most part, commentators are 'opinion givers'.

They give us their opinion. They give us their perspective.

We choose a personality or program we like and we adopt their views and opinions. Even if they're not an authority or educated in the field, they spout their opinion (masked as commentary) and believe that to be so.

In my view there are far to many unqualified 'opinion givers' on national television scene and less 'fact providers'. We need more of the facts and less of the opinion.

But, that's just my opinion.

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