God loves his church … big, small, different shapes and flavours …

I remember someone sharing a vision or dream they had once.

They shared that in their dream they were flying over the landscape of a city.

Just below were passing the roofs, and steeples and spires of hundreds of churches. In their mind and heart they felt God saying to them, “I love my Church. No matter the size or denomination. They are my faithful people, my remnant in the earth”

In 1999, I ministered in more churches than I ever had before. 129 separate churches across Australia. My final meeting that year was in Canberra, ACT. I still remember packing up for that final time and thinking what a variety of Churches I’d had had the privilege to serve.

Mostly though, I thought of how in every church, there were ‘faithful people’.

Inspirational believers. Faithfully going about serving the vision of their church. Didn’t matter if the church was only 30 people, they did it with everything they had, knowing God was cheering them on.

Often these faithful Christians are the humblest, unnoticed … yet treasured in heaven.

God has the incredible ability to know each of us ‘intimately’. It’s not always the biggest, most progressive and heavily marketed churches that gets heavens attention. Just like Christ noticed the widow who gave only a few coins in Mark 12; 41-44, even though some impressive people had passed him and given significant amounts that day, his attention was drawn toward that faithful woman who ‘gave all’. She is recorded in scripture as a lesson to believers for all time.

Never feel your service for God goes unnoticed … no matter how menial in the eyes of man. God looks at the heart.

You are treasured … greatly treasured in his eyes.

God bless and keep up the good fight,


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